The CSA Files

What are "The CSA Files"?

Perhaps the question should be: What IS "The CSA Files"? 

It's a documentary which is currently being produced to bring attention to the unfairness of the New Zealand Child Support Act.  The aim is to make the country aware of the problems and the pitfalls with the current system of Child Support so that those who choose to turn a blind eye to the suffering of the Non Custodian Parents (NCP) will have little choice but to make some urgent and overdue changes.


This site is curently under construction

     The TEASER to the upcoming film "The CSA Files"




To make this movie takes a little money, if you would like to contribute please donate by clicking the thermometre below.  If you would like to help bt buying my book (proceeds go to making the movie then please click on the book cover below.



The script and story board is slowly but surely coming together.  My assistant Director and I have put together a rough cut of the intro to the doco which seems to grab everybodies attention.  If you would like me to email you a copy of the AVI file to get a quick preview of what we put together so far please email me with the subject header PREVIEW.  Click the button below.



Thank you to all those that have shared their stories, keep sending them in!  Obviously not all stories will be included in the doco as there are so many but some I am getting as lot of very usefull information. 


I'm still looking for screen credit actors to portray those parents effected by the CSA.  Thank you to those that have come forward with their stories and are happy to appear on screen to tell their stories.  Understandably, there are many who have come forward asking for an actor to tell their stories for them and i am very happy to do that... but I need some actors PLEASE :)

Even if you are not an actor but think you have what it takes or you know someone who does then drop me a line.


If you are an actor or know of any actors who would like to be part of this doco and don't mind working for screen credit please email me or pass this web address on to others.



So far I have managed to gather a lot of information - stacks of it infact!  I'm still gathering more and more info about the CSA and compiling stories about what people have experienced or are currently experiencing with the SCA.  If you have a story please email me, likewise if you have info for me.

 The intro is in the rough stages and I have laid down the first part of many in this documentary, there is a long way to go.

I will be updating this site constantly so keep coming back to find out the latest on this soon to be groundbreaking doco.